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Elon Musk’s 6 Rules Of Productivity From Avoiding Frequent Meetings To Ditching Jargons

From a leaked email, here’s how the billionaire boss gets his staff to meet deadlines

  1. Avoid large meetings

Musk believes, large meetings are a waste of time and energy. They discourage debates as people are more often guarded in large meetings. Also there’s o enough time for everyone to make contributions in large meetings.

2. Leave meetings if its not productive

This one’s for individual employees. If a meeting is of no importance or that doesn’t require your inputs, values and decision, then at all costs avoid. Your presence is useless, Musk quips in the mail. He remarks that it is not rude to leave a meeting. But it is rude to waste anyone’s precious time.

3. Be clear, not clever

Musk is averse of technical jargon, unnecessarily peppered in a convo. He says that all cost avoid nonsense and technical jargons. The Twitter boss writes that choose words that are 1) concise 2) to the point and precise and c) easy to comprehend. Being efficient is different than sounding one.

4. Forget the chain of command

Musk’s diktat is to communicate with the colleagues directly and not via supervisors or managers. He says that fast communications makes for fast decisions. This gives competitive advantage.

5. Use common sense

Musk writes in the mail that one must avoid following rules blindfolded. Don’t follow rules, follow principals, he remarks

6. Avoid frequent meetings

Reiterating his disgust for meetings, Musk emphasizes that most issues can be resolved without meetings via texts, emails or internal comms like discord or slack. He says that there’s no better way to waste everyone’s time than frequent meetings. Meet only to collab, resolve critical issues and solve urgent problems.

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